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The Night Of, 2016

This eight episode mini series (2016) is about a murder in New York, and the criminal justice system that follows.

Both story and acting are really good, and the gritty side of New York is real.

The leading actor, Riz Ahmed (Nasir) from a sheltered rabbit to a hardened jailer.

His lawyer John Turturro (Jack Stone) couldn’t not have been more of a down trodden ambulance chaser. And the chopstick …

Serving life sentence Michael K. Williams (1966-2021; Freddy) wants intellectual companionship … (the actor died last September, to drug overdoes of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine, etc.)

The series gives one a good sense of the legal system in US.  Fairness, although still exist (at the end, the prosecutor says to the detective: ‘let’s go get him’), but it’s a game, the smartest wins.

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