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Emily in Paris, 2021

Insecure or an ad stunner?

Emily in Paris  season II is here, with a rather big complain, coming from Cultural Minister of Ukraine,  who thinks the portrait of a Ukrainian theft in the episode is insulting.

The whole show is about a naive American girl trips over in Paris. It’s a comedy, people.

Lily Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins of Genesis fame plays Emily. I watched one interview of her, when she mentioned about Parian women switch from sneakers to high heels … It sounds pretty ignorant 孤陋寡闻 hmmmm… actually I think this is New York invention. Seriously, I lived in Europe for a couple of years and never seen any single woman did that. Until I landed in JFK in 1986. Many NY fashionable women wore sneakers to and from work. I remembered thinking, the Americans are very practical.

Among three actresses, I like the old lady the most -:) …

玻璃心国度名单在加长 … 乌克兰文化部长向 Netflix 奈飞抱怨说, 《爱美丽在巴黎》的乌克兰人入店行窃的描述是“侮辱” 😂😂😜😜

太好笑了. 喜上加喜. 一个喜剧的📺 居然搔到一国的文化部长跳出来抗议. 这玻璃心… 要不就是奈飞付了🇺🇦好多钱 当广告?我是听到这个新闻才知道第二季已经开始了.

这三个人中最喜欢老的 🤩 觉得她漂亮
韩国妹演一个富有的🇨🇳娃 为自由情愿去巴黎做保姆
主角Lily Collins (1989-)是那个杵拐杖Genesis歌手的女儿. 八卦 点开一个她的采访. 其中她津津有味的说起巴黎女踩👟赶场, 然后换上👠冲进会议室.

👟->👠 好像是纽约的特产吧? 俺在欧洲住的几年里从来没有看到过. 倒是1986来纽约后才第一次见到. 曼哈顿上下班的时髦女脚蹬👟赶路. 还感叹🇺🇸人现实呀.


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