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Rudy Giuliani for Mayor, 1995

My first political donation, to support Rudolph Giuliani’s re-run for mayor in 1995. He won. He was born in 1944 in New York City, and mayor’ed from 1994.1.01 to 2001.12.31. My check, drawn from Chemical Bank, was dated Sept 18, 1995, which meant his re-election campaign started a little over a year later, after he took office. 

The 9/11 made him. The last of his act so far, being President Trump’s attorney, seems he has lost his marbles.

While cleaning up, I also found three un-cashed checks – guess this is the reason I’m still working, toiling in the field … lol 整理资料/垃圾 发现 ¼ 世纪多前第一个政治捐款 给那时上任一年多的朱利安尼 他强硬的手腕令到纽约立马好了起来 . 英雄不看今朝哈

然后 就🈚️然后了…  又找到几个没存的支票. 难怪俺到现在还是天天起早贪黑的在田间劳作. 不八了赶快下地干活儿去了.

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