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Covid-19 Test

We finally get a chance to use the testing kit today.

Someone played a game last Thursday. They were sweaty and tailgating under a steady rain.

Wet + wet … the following day woke up with a running nose and deep voice, till today.

He said, “emmm I wonder if I have the variant of omicron.”
Having seen how my comrades in Shanghai are having all the fun
Me “oh my god, why don’t you test it!?”
“Sure …” then when he inserts the q tip into his nose, “OMG … this is torture. I’d rather die…”
… C line shows up as the drops work its way from right side to the left – the dark shade. 15 minutes later, C line stays.
“Ou… it’s negative”. According to the instruction, the reading has to be done between 15-30 min, and C line means negative.
“Ouuu… I know.”
“What do you mean you know?”
He “Bec I know myself.”
Any disappointment?
What do you mean?
Who that might be?

上周四有人打了一场🏒️. 然后在持续不断的雨中, 他们汗流浃背喝的痛快.
湿+湿…第二天醒来后 流鼻涕,低声音, 直到今天. 他说,”嗯, 不知道我是否感染了 omicron 的变体.”
我“哦, 我的上帝, 你为什么不测试它!?!”
他 “好呀…” 拆包 然后当他将棉花棒插入自己的鼻子里, “天啊……这是折磨. 我情愿死…”
… 测试器: 随着水滴向左移动,C线出现. 15分钟后, C线停留.
“… 没有”. 根据说明,读数必须在 15-30 分钟之间完成, C 线表示阴.

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