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Dopesick, 2021

This 8 episode mini tv series on Hulu is based on book of the same title – Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy (1964-) that was published in 2016.

It’s a well made series on the evilness of the Sackler clan. The character Richard Sackler played by Michael Stuhlbarg (1968-) is excellent, creepy and greedy beyond believe. The story and acting are all good.

One story: Jim Comey (1960-; A Higher Loyalty …) was the US deputy attorney general (AG John Ashcroft, under President GW Bush). One day he summoned the three prosecutors from Virginia who were putting together the case against Sacklers.
Comey: “what’s this chicken thing?”
Three: “Chicken? what chicken?”
Comey: “The food chicken … what have he done …”
The leader of the three John Brownlee immediately understood the dickhead confused Purdue Pharma with the chicken guy Frank’s Perdue Farm.

Dopesick 📖 (2018) by Beth Macy; 📺 (2021) 👍👍

关于Sackler 萨克勒家族OxyContin 鸦片💊的故事.

其中一个小事件: James Comey Jr. (1960) 做US Deputy Attorney General 美国副检察长时 招负责起诉萨家的检察官 问”你们在搞什么鬼?”
三个检察官不知道怎么回答. 在他们准备起诉的过程中 遇到的困难和问题多如牛毛 – 萨家的钱买通了
Comey 点了一下 “🐔”
三侠 “🐔?”
Comey “是呀 食用🐔又招你们了还是惹你们了?”
三侠之一立刻明白了 这糊涂🥚误把Perdue Farm 当成了Purdue Pharma 😹🙀😿 What a dick.

以前看过一些 Comey 的采访 觉得他脑袋有点🈳️. 看了他的2018 自传 A Higher Loyalty 就觉得他很会写. 不过律师都应该是文笔流畅的职业写手吧? 不知道他6’4”的身材给他的事业带来了什么便车.

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