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Merry X’mas 2021

🤶 Merry Christmas 🎶 🎄圣诞快乐🎁 🎼, to those who celebrate it.

I saw this 1:47:10 long video on Youtube from Arte Concert by Daniel Hope  that showcases multiple performers/artists. (If you stop by only for Lang Lang, he’s at 1:18:25 and later with his wife Gina Alice, under the candlelights. Lang thinks that to learn music is like to learn a language, and the earlier the better.)

The mellow Daniel Hope wears two rings on his right hand! Don’t see that often with musicians.

Silent Night  by beautiful Fatima Saeed (Fatma Said; 1991-) @ 4:40. Her slim figure reminds me of Denyce Graves (1963-) and her 60 Minutes interview in 1996,  where she used her hands to air-draw an hour glass answer Morley Safer’s question as why she doesn’t have an operatic figure. The last time I saw her in ‘Carmen’ was 2005, and by then although she was not fully developed into an operatic figure but no longer slim, but was gorgeous as ever. (A side note, the following year I took in Carmen in San Francisco, here is what I wrote  “Last week I went to San Francisco Opera, Carmen. Long is the word that jumps to my mind as I recall it. And the massive number of children the production employed. It opened with the familiar march melody which was great. But two intermissions plus a long pause toward the end of the third act while they changed the set really overstretched my patience. SF opera house is comfortable, but gives me the feeling of thin, as frugal. The prior Carmen I’ve seen was Denyce Graves at the Met last December, short (New York seconds??), sweet and memorable. I love her look, exotic and slimmer than the usually operatic figure (although it seemed she did put on some weight lately) we accustomed to. Anther production of Carmen is also on play at London’s Covent Garden, hmmm …”

If you come in for Lang Lang, here is the cheat sheet: he is @ 1:18:20, playing Bach, etc., and later with his wife Gina Alice doing Brahms. Hope uses tour de force to introduce Lang. ..

这个一个多小时的在家系列有多位音乐家. 🇪🇬的赛义德 (Said, 1991-)人靓声美身材苗条 令俺想起大都会的当家花旦🇺🇸崮瑞馥(Graves, 1963-)她那时也是苗条淑女一枚. 2005年再次去看她的’卡门’ 已经小发福了.

如果您只是为郎朗而进来的 他在1:18:20 然后和太太联手. 如果您看不到 应该是政府墙在碍事 /::X

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