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A Woman of No Importance, 2019

A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II  by Sonia Purnell, published on April 9, 2019.

On August 24, 1944, Paris was rid of the enemy and becoming a free city in four years. The victory owed the large part to a woman, an American no less with a prosthetic leg, from a hunting accident before the War. Virginia Hall (1906-82) was a spy and driving force of her own during the war when female agent was very rare, and didn’t get the respect and support she was so deserving. She earned many prestigious medals, both British and American but her career at CIA after the war was sad and unfulfilled. She spoke six language fluently and didn’t really need the money, who came from a society family. It was her burning desire to help free France (during the war) and be needed (joined CIA) shaped her career and live. Indeed, she was an unsung hero and a pioneer for women.

一个无关紧要的女人 (2019) by Sonia Purnell

1944年8月24日,巴黎在四年后终于摆脱敌人,成为自由城市. 这场胜利很大程度上要归功于一名女间谍,一名用假腿的美国人(战前的一次狩猎事故.) Virginia Hall 弗吉尼亚·霍尔(1906-82) 在战争期间 是一个单枪匹马的动力 (纯纯女汉子 不需使用美人计 …) 可惜 当时女性特工非常罕见,并没有得到她应得的尊重和支持. 她赢得了许多著名的英国和美国奖章,但她在战后在中央情报局的职业生涯是悲哀的. 她流利讲六国语言,也不缺钱 -出身社会世家. 但她渴望帮助解放法国(战争期间)并被需要(加入中央情报局)塑造了她的职业生涯和生活. 值得钦佩的无名英雄和女性的先驱.

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