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Yongzheng Emperor’s Cup

Saw this 1:38 minutes long tiktok video. It got me interested and I looked up this account. However, there isn’t a jxyxly.

The first gent opens up the video by saying: that an American auction house made a big flop (翻车) by auctioning off a contemporary enamel  (珐琅彩) cup as Yongzheng era’s which dating back to 1678-1735. He even got the artist to calibrate and confirm. The opening bid for the cup was $1,000 on the night of July 20 in U.S., and sold for $3,200,000. 

It would have been a huge flop but there isn’t an artist named Chen Chen when I googled him 陈晨 景德镇 陶瓷艺术家.

However, the Yongzheng cup is somewhat real: 

Lot 3605 under Sotheby’s: A fine and exceptional famille-rose ‘prunus and lingzhi’ bowl mark and period of Yongzheng. 精美绝伦的桃李灵芝碗印和雍正时期. It sold for Hong Kong dollar HKD28,975,000, which is about $3,722,000. 

There are some similarities but obviously they’re not the same. 

Sometimes, I think cup and bowl are interchangeable, but in comparing the two, their shape and mouth are decidedly different the top one is skinnier and the mouth flows outward – flared while the bottom one which is from the Sotheby’s, is more like bowl, fatter and the mouth is straight upward. 

I’m not familiar with Tixtok at all, except a while back the battle over it. Why would someone spent time to conjure up some fake news?

BBC Manhunt in Switzerland to  从瑞士的追捕 到 雍正帝的杯

其实 Wilson Edwards 名字也没啥特别: Wilson  既可以当名用 也是姓.  Edwards 应该是姓, 还没有见过一个肉名字叫 Edwards. 俺一蜜就是同姓且也住🇨🇭 (莫担心 俺逼供过了 不是此人!)  

前几天 俺👀到一个抖音视频 说 一美国拍卖行’翻车‘了 把一个现代作者的杯当雍正帝的 拍了 三百万. 这个太容易查了: 事实是在香港拍卖的 HKD28,975,000. 杯口非常不同. 

我觉得 这个小视频无伤大雅 可能就是想捧那个现代作者 (作者和解说员都在视频里现身说法). 

但是搞到瑞士领事馆都出来喊话 这 有点那个了吧?  顺便提一下, 几年前俺这个蜜就拍过瑞士一山上的 🚽 有中文字 说 ‘请坐, 不要站在上面’. 俺一口咬定是日文韩文西班牙文. 被俺骂的狗血喷头后, 蜜发誓会认真学习大大的语录和共产党的经验. 老怀大慰  

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