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Indian Summers, 2015

Indian Summers was a two-season, 20-episode tv series made in UK, about a few Brits (government official and traders) spending their summers at Simla. It was the time of the British Raj. The first series was set in 1932 and the second in 1935.

Contrived, made up … is my impression. Characters aren’t that likable.

In the middle of the first season, Joe Biden said to Swati Mohan,  ‘Indian Americans are taking over the country’, so I finished the entire series, trying to find out what made them great.  Is their language ability? Or having been ruled by the Brits? A friend who had visited India said, their parents or family members all tell them, never look back … so, it is their attitude?

In one scene, the Scott Ian McLeod (played by Alexander Cobb) and Sooni Dalal (played by Aysha Kala) exchanged verses from Rudyard Kipling, who was born in India. His poem, The White Man’s Burden … some consider him a racist, wondering if he was, or we use 2021 yardstick to measure someone two centuries ago.

Indian Summers (2015)

最近败灯说 Indian-Americans taking over US印籍美国人接管🇺🇸了 正好刚刚开始看这部连续剧.

二季 (20集) 时间段分别是1932 和1935. 讲述一群🇬🇧官员商人在一个印度小地方的生活及🇮🇳人民反🇬🇧 争取独立.

赏心悦目,但内容空洞: 题材好 故事差. 景致不错, 几个演员演得好棒. 吉卜林的诗

大背景 印度闹革命/独立. 小故事 每个人的背后都有点不可告人的秘密: 累不累呀?很多“秘密” 其实都没啥意思 不值得一提.

景致: 比上一个有关🇮🇳 Beecham House 好很多. 前一个是🇬🇧刚刚开始 这个是🇬🇧将要离开.

总的来说, 马马虎虎.

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