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The Lunch Date, 1990

Another copycat: This short film was directed by Adam Davidson in 1990. It was about a woman who mistakenly believing that another diner took her salad. After demanding it back, she began to eat from it. Only when she returned to the eatery to retrieve her forgotten shopping bags, did she realize that hers was intact and she went to a wrong booth.

I have seen, at least two similar storied clips like this in the past.

Today on WeChat, a friend wrote:

无意中看到综艺节目里程耳拍的小短片《沙县小吃》, 这不是抄的纽约电影学院的学生作品《Lunch Date》吗。我做学生的时候,老师给我们放过;我又不止一次的给学生放过。这样一个短片竟然成了“中国电影的希望”?好不尴尬!

Google translates
I accidentally saw the short film “Shaxian Snacks” shot by Cheng Er. Isn’t this a copy of the New York Film Academy’s student work “Lunch Date”. When I was a student, the teacher showed us; I then showed my students off more than once. Such a short film turned out to be “the hope of Chinese film“? Isn’t  embarrassing!?

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