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The Tudors

This tv series is about King Henry VIII who had six wives, sixteenth century England. The four seasons series was first aired in 2007.  The House of Tudor (1485-1603) was founded by his father Henry VII. The House survived 118 years. After his passed away, three children from three different wives ruled till, with Elizabeth I ended it in 1603. James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I in 1603 when Scotland and England merged, becoming James I, till 1625, who was from the House of Stuart.

Henry VII 1457–1509; r. 1485-1509
⇒ Henry VIII 1491-1547, r. 1509-47 
⇒⇒ Edward VI 1537-53, r. 1547-53; by Jane Seymour,  3rd wife
⇒⇒ Mary I 1516-58, r. 1553-58; by Catherine of Aragon, 1st wife  
⇒⇒ Elizabeth I 1533-1603, r. 1558-1603; by Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife  

The costumes are beautiful. Some, seems, to  have Chinese flavors. The red hat (Henry VIII’s son who died young) is so similar with one of my aunt’s, and buttons on his jacket (?) look like Chinese 盘扣  or 旗袍扣; and these tiles

The two-season tv series The Spanish Princess is about journey of Catherine (1485-1536) of Aragon, the daughter of Isabella I of Castile, from Spain, to be the queen of England.

The Tudors (2007-10) Henry VIII and his six wives [强] 都铎王朝 亨利八世 执政三十八年 六个老婆 忙忙碌碌的一生 刚刚出来时看了几集. 最近再续前缘 看完四季. 主要觉得床铺和亨挺相像 里面还有王熙凤 杨贵妃 和珅 [偷笑] Sir Thomas More  一身正气 … 但是他🔥死了六个异教徒. 他不赞同亨利休原配娶小三 …临被斩首前说 “I die the King’s good servant, and God’s first”. 唉

亨的女儿玛丽做了短短5年女王 全力追杀异教徒 鸡尾酒Bloody Mary由此而来. 宗教信仰的力量巨巨无霸

画匠Hans Holbein 汉斯·霍尔拜因留下了很多珍贵的画像 – 16世纪的纪录片 [强]

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