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African leaders

November 22, 2020: On Fareed Zakaria‘s GPS, the former Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power says, that twenty percent of African leaders have some education experience in an American university.

The Print has it at 20% in an October article:

China is building bridges to Africa’s future leaders as US is closing doors to them

More than 20% of current African leaders studied in US, including leaders of Ethiopia, Ghana & Kenya. These countries are some of the closest economic & security partners of US. 

More on the topic,

  • 2020, The Conv: How popular is China in Africa? New survey sheds light on what ordinary people think
  • 2020, Study Int’l: There are more African students than ever in China. Why are they still alienated?
  • 2018, Asia by Africa: Why African students are choosing China over the West
  • 2018, The Hill: China’s educational offensive in African markets 

There are waves of news about African students in Chinese colleges from time to time on Chinese social media. Those posts were mostly on the stipends and perks they received from China, and also on the Study Buddy program where and when the university assigned several female students to a male foreign student. The budding program is covered from wikipedia to Next Shark, RedditChina Scope

It seems the market for foreign student is pretty competitive and China is trying hard to corner it. 

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