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Bill Plympton

It’s the Gold Coast Film Festival’s second year. They failed to see the global – because they added International  this year but their web site is still titled Gold Coast Film Festival.

At book party signing, Bill Plympton told a story: years ago, a Disney rep called him up and asked for an audience. When the executive arrived at his studio, all suit and tie while Bill was in his PJs, ok, not that casual but he dressed artistically casual. The dude had a fat briefcase. He sat and opened it, taking out a thick stack of papers for Bill to sign: Disney would like to hire him for a $1 million.
Bill pumped his fist up, screamed YAAAAA…triumphantly.
Everyone dreamed of working for Disney, where you would see your work all over the world. In big bill boards, in movie theaters.
When he climb down from the heaven, Bill remembered casually asked, if he could work the weekend, doing stuff that he wanted to do.
The rep replied, “you won’t have your own stuff. It’ll be owned by Disney.”
Bill was stunned. “What about if I sketch some ideas .. ”
“Owned by Disney.”
“What if I had a dream ..”
“Owned by Disney .. ”
After a month of hard reckoning, Bill turned them down.
It’s a hard decision, that everyone need or would have to make.
“Sure, I’ll have health insurance, a retirement pension and 401 (k),” Bill counted. But ultimately Bill opted to do what he pleases. He wants to get up in the morning and feeling all pumped up to draw, and he owns it, as well as his own ideas.

Bill is caricaturing me, at NYIT’s de Seversky Mansion; video on FB

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