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Defending Jacob

The book is written by William Landay  (1963-), published in 2012. The eight-episode tv series was produced by Apple TV+, came out in 2020. (The trailer)

It’s about a Massachusetts assistant district attorney Andy Barber,  (Newton, 10 miles west of Boston), whose teenage son Jacob, is accused of a murder of his classmate. Andy Barber’s father is serving a life sentencing for murder and rape. When he met his future wife Laurie, he told her and later, his son Jacob that he didn’t know his father at all.

I haven’t read a novel in a long time, and sometimes, impatiently, I would peek the ending (I know I know …) but this book kept me going. And audio books are hard to read the end first. ha ha ha.

~~ Some spoiler ~~

When Jacob was freed on Leonard Patz, the known paedophile left a confession and committed suicide,  the book has about an hour to go, I kind of guest the ending. … And I thought about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway (1986-2005) in 2005. Her body was never found and the prime suspect Joran van der Sloot (1987-) is serving long sentencing for murder of a woman on the day five years ago that Holloway disappeared.

Can people inherit genes, say, good toward math or toward crime?

How do you deal with your own child who looks seemingly innocent and decent but a cold blood murder?


📖 2012 William Landay  8集迷你剧 2020.

这是关于麻省助理地区检察官安迪·巴(牛顿,波士顿以西 10 英里), 他的十四岁的儿子雅各布被指控谋杀了他的同学. 安迪·巴 (Andy Barber) 的父亲因谋杀和强奸罪被判无期徒刑. 当他遇到他未来的妻子劳里时,他告诉她和后来的儿子雅各布,他根本不认识他的父亲.

这本小说令我想起2005年 Natalee Holloway (1986-2005) 失踪案



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