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Russia, what’s happened?

Peter Tchaikovsky (1840-93) and Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) were great composer and writer. His violin and piano concertos are my most favorite, beautiful and sophisticated; and his War and Peace and Anna Karenina are simply amazing.

How about Rachmaninoff, Galina Ulanova, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Yuri Gagarin, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great? Too many to list here but unfortunately, they were not the first Russians I got to know. 

Lenin (1870-1924) and Stalin (1878-1953) were the Russians whom I came to know first. I would later learn that Lenin died of syphilis, and Joe was a butcher. The West got his involved in ww ii only because of another butcher.  

What’s happened to the great Russians?

看着2个安静六尺高的🇷🇺娃🎾打得你死我活的精彩. 每周都少不了柴可夫斯基的🎻和🎹 协奏曲 … 能出产这么多世界级的人 怎么能够堕落到如此地步?

我们这一代特别早就认识了好多外国人尤其5⃣️里的小3老4. 后来才知道小三死于梅毒大概是激情❤️‍🔥时没时间带安全套. 老四就一个杀人不眨眼的屠夫. 二战时西方捏着鼻子加他玩因另外一个屠夫的缘故.

不知道🇨🇳和贼贼套热乎是一解旧仇 还是斯德哥尔摩症泛滥成灾. 人家一直就看不起你 明里暗里叫你小黄 霸占你的大片江山 杀你国民 一言不和就撤…

2⃣️ Anatoly Karpov 1975 带着大队人马(医生饮食专家…)去冰岛和一布鲁克林的小破孩Fischer 争冠军. 当然是形影孤单的熊孩子赢了. Karpov的名声一直都不错 值得尊重.

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