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Click farm on Amazon

Click farm/fake review is a modern term and a fraud: you or a business pay someone to click an ad link or write fake reviews. In Chinese, it’s called 刷单. And Amazon had dealt a big blow to such illegal activity recently, according to this Chinese post:  亚马逊突然动刀!百亿大卖家连锅端掉,几十万中小商家瑟瑟发抖!  is about this fake review on Amazon:  

  • Computer Weekly: Scammers accidentally reveal fake Amazon review data
  • IBTimes: Scammers Accidentally Expose Amazon Fake Review Data, Implicating Over 200,000 People

Is it a continuation of trade war or combating illegal fraudulent activities? 

Per this Chinese post’ comments, it seems a small percentage readers think click farm is, just,  fine. And if you don’t do it, you can’t survive.

What’s a horrible environment.

I google 刷单, the top one says, it’s illegal. Upon checking one of the businesses the above Chinese post claimed, Aukey, is still active on, as of 2021.5.14



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