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Trevor Noah: GB not so great

Great Britain is not so great, any more. This short video was posted on 2015.8.04, when he joked about his entry to UK to do his comedy show.

His conversation with the border agent is amusing.

He opened with, 0:24 “every time I come, I feel it’s harder and harder to come into this country … the border is very strict. … Lots of questions.  …
“How long are you going to be here for?”
Four days.
“What are you doing?”
A comedy show.
“Are you a comedian?”
“Oh … You don’t look funny. Do you have any joke?”
I checked my luggage.
“I need to know the address where you’re performing.”
I don’t know the address.
“Then I can’t let you in.”
You got to believe me I won’t lie about that. I’m just doing the show then I’m leaving.
“I don’t know you’ll gonna leave.”
… absolutely … as if everyone wants to come and stay in the UK. I almost wanted to say, not as great as you thing.  … Then he said something very true:
“… I can’t just believe what you say what you’ll be doing. You could be doing something else.”
… That’s great attitude, … that we should have in Africa when the British first came.

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