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A good hacker

New Taipei City, Taiwan – 2020/02/08

Fork The Government by NPR, where and when a civic hacker saved the day, during the covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan.

As of today, Taiwan has 0.29 vs US 1,007 death per million. Please keep in mind, Taiwan is pretty much a single race with a docile population who listens to their government.

Taiwan never had a lockdown, none and they had total 7 COVID deaths, … just 56 people contracted COVID locally @ 5:15 mark.

As countries around the world struggle to handle the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan stands out as a relative success story… so far. Since April, only one locally transmitted case has been reported. There have been only seven deaths — in the entire country.

There are a lot of reasons why Taiwan has been able to keep its infection and death rates so low. For one, it’s an island. Also, it’s dealt with a respiratory virus epidemic before.

But Taiwan has also been taking a relatively experimental approach to the pandemic with technology. Like working with civic hackers to code its way out of the pandemic. Today on the show, we dive into Taiwan’s pandemic policies and ask: Would the U.S. ever take a similar approach?

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