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A counterfeit bill 假钞

A fake $5 bill!

I went to Flushing this morning, mainly to buy moon cakes but, of course to get some foods. At You Garden, I first purchased two orders of xiaolongbao – the juicy meat dumplings for at $6.50 each. With tax, it’s $14.15. Then went to their roast poultry and meats store for duck and pork. The cashier took my cash and gave back a single $5 bill, “it’s fake.” She said.

I was very surprised. She then said, “feel it, it’s thin.”

Upon close exam, it does look fake: light and soft. I was pretty sure it came from the xiaolongbao girl because the total of moon cakes came out at $57.90.

One thing about Flushing is, most shops take cash only. Trouble for me, and I would think, some trouble for them, especially in fake bills(?) The roast duck shop used to take credit card but about two years ago, they stopped. Actually, the government has data, they pretty much know how much each shop should generate, which means, cheating on tax is very hard.

So I crossed the street and told the girl. She took the bill and went to the office in the back. When she returned, she said, “I’ll change it for you.”  After left, I then thought, … hmmm maybe I’d like to keep that fake bill? But it’s too late. If I decided to keep, I won’t know the cashier or the restaurant’s reaction to it.

On the moon cake: there are definitely more bakeries that produce fresh moon cakes. But I mostly go to the same Star Bakery at 41-21A Kissena Blvd. They were the first to make fresh one, nearly thirty years ago.   The mini size costs $2.25 and the large one are between $6 to $7.  I didn’t want their fancy boxes, “save it for someone else.” I’d rather seem them in business for years to come.

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