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From threesome to throuple

To Amy Barrett’s seven kids.  The Rise of the 3-Parent Family, the Atlantic article via Apple News.

I think the first time I encountered throuple was from reading He, He & He on New York Magazine, back to 2012.

I guess there are people who find one on one is too hard, so go to one on two. Relationships come in different forms, shapes and grades. There has to be one that fits you. The kind of relationship that I enjoy,  is simply and maintain free.

Here are some more on throuple three guys talking about their experience in 2019 and Hanna, Beaux and Harry: A Love Story  on the NY Times, also came in last year.

最早看到三人行可能是2012. 没有什么特别的感觉 一种生活方式而已.  今天在苹果新闻上看到这期的大西洋月刊又老生常谈. 一对一搞不定 咱们来一对二: 清一色 或者混合. 总该有一款式合适您? 其实人际关系简单真诚就行了.

床铺提名的高等法院法官Amy Barrett 艾米·巴雷特 有七个娃(8-19岁; 老公是一律师行的合伙人). 妈妈咪呀 超人🦸‍♀️吗?Exceptional people [GoForIt] 其中一点 她和前约翰·麦凯恩的搭档一样 怀孕时查出 毛病: 唐氏综合症 但是还是决定生下来. 虽然观点不同 – 到底我们的背景差异非常大; 但是还是觉得她很了不起. 说起🐂女汉子/搭档, 俺想起 塔米·达克沃思(Tammy Duckworth) 拜登考虑过的搭档. Check her out 去看看她的履历和经历 exceptional too. 我绝对会喜欢拜老头多些如果他选择了塔米·达克沃思 … 废话连篇 … 大概还没有喝够

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