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The WeChat fight

A friend forwarded a post within our WeChat group, titled Wechat 被封, 在美华人没有理由生气!  It contained a 10:18 minutes long YouTube video under the same title, which means “there is no reason for Chinese people in the United States to be angry!” The following day, which was yesterday, the WeChat link is inaccessible. ⇒ … which is exactly the reason Trump wants to ban it – its censoring  political speech, etc. The post just got censored, a day later after it appeared in a WeChat post. How more ironic could it be??? In every WeChat groups that I jointed, the group leader is watching what we write in the group if he or she wants the group to stay alive, not being banned.

The YouTube video came out Sept 19, at this writing, is still available, talks about very simple thing: why is President Trump wanting to ban WeChat in US – censorship, so did Brookings in August.

Among the subjects covered in this video, the host also talked about how household full of PhDs but they’re still couldn’t think for themselves …



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