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Laoganma and Tencent

Lao Gan Ma (old godmother) chilli sauce is very popular, inside and outside of China, and for a while it was in my refrigerator too. But trouble finds its way to the spicy sauce too, or is it the problem of a too-casual legal system?

The story is that, how three fraudsters duped Tencent by hijacking the name of China’s beloved chilli sauce Lao Gan Ma, and how Tencent has taken LGM to court for the ad fees owed and is requesting the seizure and/or freezing of LGM asset, upward to RMB 16,240,600 ($2,298,089). A giant tech company falling for such  low-tech scam is, unbelievable. And the court is going along with it. The comments by the Chinese are mostly against Tencent,

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  • 凤凰网友6yPTN1 [北京网友] 假如明天有人刻个腾讯的章,签了合同,腾讯也要担责了吧?
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