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A season pass

Getting a season pass at our local pool turns out to be an experience. I went on their opening day, according to their site. On the same site, it also listed the morning lap swimming time, 8-10:30. The staff said, “ignore the site, we open 7-9.”


Day 1

A season pass needs the tax bill, a utility bill and driver’s license. Since I don’t have them all, I paid a daily fee that comes with a wrist band. I told the girl at the window, “save it. I don’t need it.” She replied that she has to give it to the payee. The manager said, “Keep the receipt, come back within seven days, we’ll credit you.”

“How about the 8-10:30 lap swimming time?”
They said there is NO such thing. We open 9am-7pm.
“But your site says so.”
“Ignore it. We have no control over it.” The manager said.
This is grossly misleading. I’d love to have earlier lap swimming time.

the overflow toilets

Day 2

My bad, I didn’t read closely, only brought the utility bill. So, paid another daily fee. It was over an hour from closing. The window girl said, “we close at 6:45.” This time, a young man sat inside the turnstile to put on the wrist band on and said, “We close at 6:30.”

So, it’s 6:30 or 6:45?

Day 3

I have all three required documents but this time, the manager said, “you don’t have mask, you can’t get the season pass.”
“No one told me I need to have a mask to get a season pass. I can use my bathing cap to cover.”
“No, it’s not a mask.”
“You’ve mask on, it isn’t safe enough?”
“No, it isn’t. I haven’t vaccinated. I need to protect myself.”
“Will I keep the mask on when you take my photo for the pass?”
“That requires only 10 seconds.”

I’m not an expert on how the virus may travel.

After swimming, I have a lengthy conversation with the manager, who even called in her male supervisor on the speaker. On my three one-day admissions, only one can be deducted. When the supervisor was considering to reimburse me all three, for all the trouble, the manager said firmly, “can’t do that, then everybody will ask for the same.” She does have a point.

But, to me, it’s like the rules are flexible, do when it’s convenient to them. So as they wish. They both said, “we post the signs to say, wear mask.” I see that. But you also post the sign to say, 8-10:30 is lap swimming time but you don’t want to honor. What should I obey, take it seriously?


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