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Why they hate us?

May 30, 2021 | On GPS by Fareed Zakaria: Is the Benjamin Netanyahu era in Israel coming to a close? Fareed talks to Tom Friedman; then a panel discussion on Belarus’s “state sponsored hijacking” and Michael Lewis on the U.S.’s COVID-19 stumbles.

GUESTS: Thomas Friedman, Anne Applebaum, Hanna Liubakova, Michael Lewis

But, a part of this segment is on China (1:40-7:10) that its current foreign policy is far more removed from patience, long term and moderate approach under Deng Xiaoping. Hu Jintao often spoke of peaceful rise and now Chinese diplomats embrace conflicts and hurling insults in what is known as wolf warrior diplomacy. Global image is diminishing. Negative views toward China soared:

  1. US, from  47% in 2017, to 73% in 2020
  2. Canada: 40% to 73%
  3. Britain: 37% to 74%
  4. Australia: 32% to 81%
  5. S Korea: 61% to 75%
  6. Sweden: 49% to 85%

… it’s rising public hostile toward China worldwide. Here is how President Xi plans to fix it.

The harmless Swedes has the highest negative views toward China, omg!!! I thought of the family from China went to Stockholm in 2018, arriving at their hotel in midnight, which was hours before they could check in. Most hotels check in are in the early afternoon. Were they trying to cheat? Who knows. They then asked to stay in the lobby but something happened and the hotel asked them to leave. When they refused, hotel called the police. Then the video-gone-viral began: the man was heard saying, “this is killing”, and dropped to the ground on his own … Here is BBC report on the matter Why Sweden and China have fallen out so badly. Chinese embassy in Sweden demanded an apology. For what?


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