Bar Stuzzichini

the flatiron building
Bar Stuzzichini
928 Broadway @ 21st Street

On Broadway between 21st & 22nd Street is an inviting local fare in the Flatiron. I didn’t stay for dinner, just had some bar food that came with the wine:CIMG4656
The pecorino
Fried Fritters
Spicy or sweet salami
Crostini (one with white anchovies and one with eggplant)
The deep fried meatballs
The Sicilian green olives

They’re pretty good.

CIMG4653 - CAnd …
And …
And …
This young woman had captured every one’s attention – no, it’s fancy – with her endless legs. My good lord! They are long and she knew it. It’s on the chilly side, the temperature hoovers around 60s. I had long skirt on. She has a short shorts on.
Looking great.
Her long limbs remind me of, hmmmmm giraffe? African jungle; cheetah …
Lordy gracious 🙂
Proportion came to mind too.
The rarity trumps the proportion.
Only in New York

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