We had problems with our luggage from the Nicaragua trip. Below is what Phoebe filed with American Airlines and their standard reply ..

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To: AA
Fm: Lee

file locator: TDGXNE
bag tag #s: 163019, 162990, 163084, 163118, 163046, 162954
Travel date: Thu May 21

Flight no. AA 970 from Managua to Miami connects to AA 2086 from Miami to JFK Items missing: 2 bottle of wines purchased in the Miami Airport, a notebook, two notebook charges, a quad band Samsung cell phone, many music and video CDs.

Flight no AA 970 was delayed for an hour. We had a tight connection but luckily flight no AA 2086 was also delayed due to crew members did not arrive on time. The 8:45pm scheduled departure time was delayed
to10:30pm. Upon arrival, our 6 baggage did not show up. We opened up a lost file at JFK with an AA agent. Five bags were delived to Irene Eng’s residence in the afternoon of Fri May 22. One bag was delivered the next day.

There were items missing from 4 bags out of 6 bags. This was our first encounter for having items stolen from our checked-in bags. We did not know the proper procedure to proceed our claim. Finally we wanted to file a claim on Tue May 26 after coming up a list of the stolen items. I was told to call 718-487-7472 and I got a voice recording. I left my name and contact number. The agent finally returned my call on Wed Mar 27. She said that we missed the window of the 24 hours limit when we could file a claim.

I am writing this email to file a complaint, not a claim. We felt like being obligated to notify the upper management of AA on the extent of the problem. The theft occurred in the US soil and could occur among the AA employees, airport employees, or the delivery personel from the airport to Irene’s house. The theft may occur more often to the bags that could not make their ways to the aircraft on time. On the other hands, our bags could have been held up by the thief during his thorough search in each bag. As a result of that, they could not make it to the aircraft before the gate closed. The delivery person is also suspicious.

I was reading the list of the items AA not liable to on the AA website. It clearly states that AA is not liable to the computer lost in the baggage. What is the rationale behind as to electronics not being covered in the airport theft?

“No liability for photographic equipment, computers, VCRs and any other electronic equipment including software or components, jewelry, cash, documents, furs, works of art or other similar valuable items.”

The thief searched through our bags to take whatever he likes. What measures do AA have to prevent this from happening? Are there video cameras throughout the baggage path to monitor the baggage handlers?
They were trusted by us in the process of hanging over our baggage to them after our first port of entry – Miami.

May 28, 2009
To: Lee
Fm: AA

Dear Miss Lee:

I understand your frustration during your flight delays on May 21. Despite our best
efforts to operate flights on schedule, occasionally operational problems prevent us
from doing so. I’m sorry for the disruption of your plans.

Also, I’m sorry for what happened with your baggage. I know it was disappointing to
discover that some of your belongings were missing.

Personnel in our Security Department use a program of surveillance and other means to
prevent property loss — especially in this era of heightened security. Our
statistical measures reflect that our efforts are highly successful but I realize this
is of little solace to you since you are reportedly missing some of your belongings.

While we work very hard to avoid these mishaps, unfortunately, they do sometimes
occur. When this kind of difficulty happens, every effort is made to make amends in a
reasonable manner. However, our conditions of liability exclude any claim not
initially reported in person within 24 hours after the arrival of your checked items.

Our position in no way suggests that we are insensitive to what happened. Again, we
are genuinely sorry for the reported loss of your belongings. Please be assured that
we will work harder than ever to restore your confidence in our ability to provide
good service. We realize we must earn back your respect.


Simon Pruitt
Customer Relations
American Airlines

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3 Responses to Lost

  1. Neil O'Connor says:

    Hi There,

    I’ve recently run into a similar situation with AA at JFK airport. We know that our property was stolen on it’s way to baggage services. Please e-mail me, as I’d like your feedback on what to do. I will gladly give you the details via e-mail/phone.


  2. Hi Neil,

    I’m sorry to hear your loss.

    As you can see from this post, that we didn’t file claim since we missed the 24-hr window the AA allows but a complain.

    Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Good luck in recovering your belongings.

  3. sandra407 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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