Stormy Sandy

The most destructive storm to ever hit New York City struck the night of Monday, October 29, 2012. The black out is going on, strong. On our way home from grocery shopping, we spotted a LIPA guy and stopped to chat with him, asking why/what/when .. I took a few pictures, and then walked over to join the conversation. There’s a map laying in his truck so I snapped a picture of it. The cordial man suddenly became irate and ranted on and on: ” .. that’s it. I’ve had enough of this. .. Being nice to everyone .. I’ve no electricity at my home .. I’ve been working long hours .. ” No sweat! Working long hours? I’ve heard the story from electricians from Missouri, with their cute southern drawl, they were here at the beginning of the black out. But for the first two days, they could NOT work because someone in New York demanded that they have to join the union, temporarily in order to work. What this world has come to? The powerful unions will dig a grave for the USA, ultimately themselves too. .

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