It has to come from within


School at dawn.

Monday Pumpkin needed to go to school early. After the drop off, as I was leaving, I saw this lovely scenes. My photographic description is incompetent but hope you get the picture.

Golfer graduated from this same high school some times ago, now both of his children are attending. It’s pretty neat. King is very laid back, loves music and uninterested in sport. He used to like ski, but now he says no. He had to give up his music last year because I forced him to take Chinese instead. That made me feeling guilty. So this year I made sure he joined the jazz band. He spends increasing times on the piano. It used to be me nagging he to practice.

Pumpkin evaded my order: isn’t taking Chinese.
And that’s it.
This Monday night when I came home from tennis, her face lighted up ..
“Mom .. I got an A for my science .. thanks .. ” She’s been working on it this past weekend.
That grin is full of joy and proud, innocent and precious and would forever engrave in my mind.

They have to have wanted it. I started them on tennis since they could hold a racquet. But only recently did Pumpkin took to it. When the school tennis season ended, she joked, “I feel lost ..”

I don’t force them much (except Chinese), feel the extra tension that bought on by imposing my will might not worth it. Ok, I’m a loser .. .. sorry that my kids got a raw deal.

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