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Cheung, Sakamoto … original 张,坂本,原创

Today, many friends on WeChat posted the news that Ryuichi Nakamoto 坂本 龙一 passed. He was a Japanese composer, died of cancer on March 28, at age of 71. He was little known in the West, than Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲, 1950-) who wrote all but one of Hayao (1941-) Miyazaki’s films. Their collaboration resulted in many wonderful animated works, such as Spirited Away (2001).

今天, 微信上有很多朋友贴了坂本龙一去世的消息.  他是一位日本作曲家,于 3 月 28 日因癌症去世,享年 71 岁.他在西方鲜为人知. 我们比较熟悉的是久石让 (1950 年-)他为宫崎骏(1941 年-) 的电影谱写了几乎所有音乐.  他们的合作产生了许多精彩的动画作品, 例如千与千寻(2001).

感叹日本这么小 却出了很多世界级的人物 从诺贝尔奖到艺术.

Yesterday, was Leslie Cheung’s 20th years of his untimely suicide, at age of 46 to depression.  As much as I like him, but he didn’t create his music or songs – like most Hong Kong pop singers, they sing other musicians’ works. It does bother me … does that mean that original means little?

昨日,是张国荣英年早逝的第20个年头, 46岁的他陷入抑郁.  尽管我很喜欢他, 但他并没有创作自己的音乐或歌曲—就像大多数香港流行歌手一样,他们唱的是人的作品. 他1984成名作 Monica 就是进口日本的. 这确实有些困扰我. 这是否意味着原创意义不大?

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