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Psychologist, psychiatrist & erjiu 二舅 

Psychologist talks and talks, while psychiatrist can prescribe medicine to treat illness.

Every Thursday New York Times publishes a column/op 海外华人札记 Notes on Overseas Chinese. Not sure it’s written by one or multiple journalists. Today’s topic is 中国留学生在美死于非命背后,被忽视的“杀手”  Chinese students died in the United States behind the accident, the neglected “killer” on mental illness.


Google translates: In an opinion piece written for The Times in 2017, Gao Yuxin, who had studied in the United States, pointed out that, based on his mental health in his final year of graduate school, “Because of the severe shortage of trained therapists in China, even the most experienced Psychiatric treatment is still a vague concept for students who are not in 2000.” And due to language and cultural barriers, the psychological counseling services provided by the school are not suitable for some Chinese students.

I’ve a relative who retired as a school teacher (taught ) in Shanghai, who  grew up and continues living there. This relative’s current project is on psychological counseling, without any training, and goes out to give seminars. Every time I saw this happening, I cringed: is it helpful or detrimental?

Another relative’s son came to New York from Hong Kong when he was 6 years old, who went on to major in psychology: obtained his PhD and spent a year interned at UCLA. Unfortunately I don’t think his Chinese is sufficient to treat Chinese speakers.

For the past few days a short video


纽约时报每周四有个 海外华人札记

各个地方都有损友. 人在哪里都会死, 无非老死 病死(正常)或者意外死.
近些年经济发展蒸蒸日上 心理和精神病态也都被认可 开始有医可看. 希望有需要的人都可以找到自己的良医/药.
我有个姻亲的娃 6岁从香港来纽约. 学心理学家. 博士念完后 去UCLA实习一年才可以开始工作.

另外一亲戚在上海 做老师退休后开始做心理辅导. 大概没有什么专业训练. 觉得这样非常不应该 会误人. 美国西方虽然也是百孔千疮 但在专业文凭牌照方面还是严格要求 确保障消费者. 每次看到亲戚夸夸其谈去讲座 就心惊肉跳… 蒙古医生 赤脚医生. 还有这几天热乎乎的二舅的医生 一针下去 就变残废.


另外 视频说其它国家老人, 多数都是生活的怎么精致, 怎么风度翩翩. 怎么讲🇨🇳的老人总是这么落魄潦倒呀?这二舅视频就是给🇨🇳抹黑 肯定是境外敌对势力在作怪.

出来没几天, 就议论纷纷, 众说纷纭. 连维基百科开辟了一页


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