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Daughters of Yalta, 2020

The Daughters Of Yalta: The Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans: A Story of Love and War, by Catherine Grace Katz, published on September 29, 2020.

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses US Congress from his capital Kyiv, Ukraine’s leader thanked the United States and its allies for their support but also urged more Western military aid for his country’s defensive efforts. He says, “I have need, … ” as “I have a dream” per Dr. King.

The war, Russian invasion of Ukraine, has been going on for weeks, since February 24 to be exact, only four days after Beijing Winter olympic.

Putin isn’t winning.

I thought of this book, where Stalin thought or worried of Poland had been a corridor of attack on Russia and wanting it to be strong and powerful. Does Putin has a similar thought, and invade Ukraine?

In China, there are many cheering a Russian win. So many so, that a few Chinese living in Ukraine are take social media, asking their countrymen in China to stop.

An acquaintance from China wrote on WeChat, “俄乌战争以来,众说纷纭。作为一个饱受侵略压迫、阴影依然很深、刚刚过上好日子的中国人,此时此刻,我永运也不会忘记伟大领袖毛主席的教导;“帝国主义亡我之心不死”,“抗美援朝,保家卫国”,“美帝国主义及其一切反动派都是纸老虎”。如果俄罗斯战败,下一个围猪的将是中国,某些伪道仕者,或者汉奸,是否希望祖国再一次遭遇丧权辱国、国破家亡的惨状?为什么还要唾沫横飞的高谈阔论?”   Google translates to, “Since the Russian-Ukrainian War, there have been many different opinions. As a Chinese who has suffered from aggression and oppression, the shadow is still deep, and he has just lived a good life, at this moment, I will never forget the teaching of the great leader Chairman Mao “Resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, defend the homeland and defend the country”, “U.S. imperialism and all its reactionaries are paper tigers.” If Russia loses the war, China will be the next one to surround the pigs. Some fake Taoist officials, or traitors, do you hope that the motherland will once again suffer the tragic situation of losing power and humiliating the country, and the country will be destroyed and the country will be destroyed? Why are you still talking about spit?”

I’m speechless.

Russia may have karma from actors. First was president Ronald Reagan … Go Ukraine.

During Yalta Conference, Stalin worried about Poland being weak, being a corridor to attack on Russia. That was 1945.

雅尔塔会议期间, 死大林担心波兰弱小, 成为进攻俄罗斯的走廊. 那是 1945 年.


戏戏哥告诉🇺🇸国会 我现在需要你们… as I have a dream …
金毛隔岸 纠集左邻右舍也行动起来

不能说蛋痛 因为蛋没了

说起雅尔塔会议, 想起死大林为🇬🇧🇺🇸客人提供bed warmer … 床暖
嗯 是需要发挥想象力👇

俄罗斯妓女 或者良家妇女

(到俺家来开会 不能怠慢客人嘛 … 我家的女人随便用)

真掉价儿 [偷笑]
不过 北极熊就从来都没有入过流

这多牛呀 主席英明伟大 [强]

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