Every famous capital lies on an illustrious river except Beijing. Every great city has added a rail or two that links downtown to its airport(s) except New York.
Irene thinks that Beijing isn’t China, as New York isn’t USA.
I’m a Beijing-born New Yorker who sees nothing beyond China and the USA is passionate about my genealogy and sports and anything in between. My narrow mindedness never prevents me from voicing my baseless opinions and I strongly suggests that America’s government consults my blog before inking foreign policy where China is concerned.

Those blogs are really my notebook/filing cab, keeping a scribble here and bit proses there in central location. Hopefully one day I get to edit it and make them readable.  If my inadequate writing skill and thin command of the non-native language (confess: my Chinese isn’t any better ..) propel you to write, great; if they horrify you to seek out a shrink, sorry reader be aware,  I will not foot the bills.  Few pictures on FB, with Nainai

This site is about my genealogy research and 胡言乱语 mundane that nobody cares. The first is to shame myself into action; the last one is to spare my friends and family to have to listen to my worthless mutters.

I procrastinated long and hard, finally with a huge help from a stranger Tricia – whom I read about in the NY Times, this site is finally up and running now. It’s a continuation of my old blog (AOL® Hometown’s shut down permanently on 10/31/2008 hence all the links to my old postings there in this blog are no longer working. I’m trying to clean up as much as I can ..)

My initial idea of maintaining a blog was due to my genealogy research since 1993, hoping to generate interests, getting my books published – I still DO.  Meanwhile, I have a full tray that keeps me amused: kids, family, friends, few other interests 🙂 .. life long pursues, newly acquired hobbies, and little pet projects from time to time .. ..

One of the cardinal rules in the US is to talk about politics, religions and sex freely at the social function but sports.  So let’s talk about sports in details here.  If you find my posjts or projects interesting, please feel free to leave some comments (either in English or Chinese; I have to do it in English due to my poor typing skill in Chinese, it wasn’t in my vocabulary when I grow up), or contact me.  It is always appreciated and welcome.  I enjoy a healthy debate.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the visit with a full bowl of humoR.

Befriend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and bond with me on LinkedIn, email me, skype me ..

I might be the only Chinese who doesn’t know how to pen a programming code – don’t know a RSS from CSI, widgets from gadgets .. but feel very fortunate to have followed Tricia’s lead into using Dream Host: they’re the most helpful and responsive people I came to know.  Thank you a bunch!

Love, peace and Carpe diem ..

Irene 张凝

[some links might not work since this is work in progress .. will update asap .. thanks]

P.S. If you’re interested to lend a helping hand in any form, please contact me. Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. Phoebe says:

    Your blog is nicely put together and very interesting to read. It is very much appreciated that you took the time to write up so many contemporary topics. I especially like how you commented on Michelle Obama.

  2. TaZai says:

    Sweet NingZai, looking upon the efforts you take: Let us have your book about the concubine before the end of another year – before the end of 2011 –
    Yours – TaZai & OPA

  3. Andrew Bao says:


    Andrew Bao

  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by. Sure. Are you from Anhui?

  5. Martin says:

    Hello Irene !

    While I was looking for some info on “Siheyuan”, I bumped into your website. In your introduction, you say that you are a Beijing-born New Yorker who sees nothing beyond China and the USA, and that your narrow mindedness never prevents you from voicing your baseless opinions…

    I must say that if you were trying to provoke your readers with your sarcasm, you’ve won greatly….lol. But if you really assume to be that narrow-minded and that you’re proud to be like that, it really shocks me.

    You’re living in NY among so many cultures now !!! How can you still be narrow-minded !?


  6. Jack says:

    Hello Irene. Bumped into your website and wanted to compliment you. Well done and you have some very interesting takes. I will be checking in every now and then. You have a wonderful writing style.


  7. 南田 says:


  8. Nan, Erxiao 1975, Renda 1980. How about you?

  9. Tim White says:

    Interested to read more. I stumbled onto you from a mutual Facebook friend. All interesting to a curious me …


  10. chenjianada says:


  11. chenjianada says:

    我现旅居加拿大Vancouver 联系:[email protected]

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