Three book babes

CIMG5114I just can’t resist to put this cartoon up, fm New Yorker (June 29, 2009 issue).
We the 3 big hand babes had a wonderful time yesterday. Wheat pasta salad, garlic peanuts, sweet/salty anchovies, shacha cucumber, spicy tofu, red wine, .. .. oh, I think we talked about books and writings too. Didn’t we?
In any event, we will resume our weekly write up meet.
Weekly in the summer may prove to be difficult. Like one of them is going to a juicy feasting camp out of Riverhead for 5 days soon, $175 per day. You can choide a day or any number of days/nights. There isn’t a discount. But if you get 5 nights, they’ll throw in a massage. You go girl, I’ll miss meat.
The caption of this cartoon read .. “Let me see what my mother wants – aside from attention.”

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