3 and 2290

I went to play badminton tonight after three long months of hiatus, due to the right ankle. It’s so good to see everyone !! There are few new players. I only got to play 3 sets. A very good 3 sets – 3:0. 2 sets were teaming up with Simon and 1 with Jordan. The very first set I served first, cause they always say ‘lady’s first’ .. so .. I never relinquish that. Yes, I won all my first 15 points. Is there a name for it? The third set was a close game, 15:8 – couldn’t believe we actually outplayed Jordan and a young kid.

Jordan was happy: announcing his college admission – 17 yes so far, from Yale, Princeton, Stanford .. and he’s waiting for the one: the H bomb .. Harvard.
“It should have come at 5pm today.” He looked at his iPhone.
“No worry, perhaps the Pacific time zone.” I joked.
He laughed.
He did not do any volunteer work.
“I have two jobs. I want to make money.” He said firmly.
“What do you do?”
“I tutor.”
“Did you attend tutor school?”
“Yes, for a week. I found it useless for me. .. I got 3 SAT books and did it on my own.”
He got 2290 out of 2400.
Way to go J!

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