Back again

Back to the slaughter’s table again. My back wasn’t in pain after the acupuncture and fire cupping last week; felt tender. This time on the table, when Dr. Shi touched my back, there were two painful spots: 腰二 and 腰三 waist #2 and #3 穴位 acupuncture points. Last week was only one, 腰二.
The current was only used for the back needles not the one on my left hand. This time was not as comfortable as last week. After taking off the back needles, the one on my hand remained while Dr. Shi applied fire cupping. After the cupping, with the needle still on my hand, I did side way stretch.
It’s Dr. Shi’s opinion that acupuncture is far better. He explained muscle in pain (no bone fracture) is because the muscle is being dislocated, think of twisted. The acupuncture needle – how it is being inserted – helps to untwist it.

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