Foie gras

How about foie gras for appetizer (that’s mostly served here)?  Not in Beijing nor Shanghai, but in Nanning, Guangxi! 

.. .. Mr Chen insists the slabs of fried goose liver be presented last.

“If we ate the foie gras first, all these other dishes would taste very plain,” he tells his guests.

When the pièce de résistance finally arrives, he tut-tuts and sends the goose liver back to the kitchen with an almost Gallic flair, upset that his chefs have forgotten to garnish it with truffles.

:)) I can’t wait for the coming out party next summer in Beijing!  ..  A little suggestion: if you decide to take on something new, pls learn it from A-Z, will you?  … In all honesty, China is catching up pretty fast, like the soda [mixing with] red wine moment has passed .. .. It’s equally anomalous to see people dip their jao zi, dumplings into soy sauce (unless it’s not salty enough).  One can always argue he does whatever he darn pleases, but still there is an element of unsavvy to it.   Although the strong culture overwhelms the weaker one .. .. but when in Rome, live like the Romans, make it right, right?

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