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Selling handbags and fakers

To simplify my little life, I’ve been dumping my ‘baggages’: anything that I don’t need, I’m getting ride of it. Two surprises. 

#1: I COULDn’t believe how much the old bags can sell on the Internet. 

The old bags: it was 1989  and we were in Florence. The Irish store clerk asked us if we were from New York, and informed us that we were getting our first black mayor David Dinkins (1927-2020). For the life of me, I couldn’t remember why did I like Fendi so much. Might be its simplicity. But it’s patterned leather didn’t last too long, compare to, say Coach’s leather (the red). In any case, it sold for $30 on eBay, and the middle one, Penguin thin stripe cross body shoulder bag vintage sold for $100 and the red Coach bag $125. They were pretty much of the same age but the Coach leather looks far better.


#2: How the fakers/imitators work now. 

So, after getting ride of old bags, I bought more (okay okay okay I’m hopeless) and learned how many fakers are out there.  

I bought a few new ones. To be honest, I couldn’t remember that I began to get ride of old bags first or bought the new ones first. In any case, during one of the late nights, I came across a commercial or site on Facebook that sold the perfect bag that I would like to have. So, I purchased it. Red flag when it used Paypal only. Should I go ahead with it? I debated and ultimately decided to go along. It will be my experience. 

My suspicion was confirmed shortly after when the email coming in to tell me that they received my order: it’s under a Chinese food company 吴贵菊, 毕节市亿佳荣食品有限公司. It was sent from Canton/Guangzhou. By then, I could only wish that  

They do a copycat/imitation, please do a decent job.

While waiting, I went to Macy’s and found the identical bag, at higher price, of course – I’ve not shopped for a handbag in many years. I also went back to FB and looked for Coach bag sites, and found many: 

Are those oddly named sites from one company? They all advertise Coach bags. 

After 20 days, my bag from China finally arrived: do you see any similarities?  The white color bags are genuine Coach bags at Macy’s, the red is from China. The two carriage logos, top is from China and the bottom one is genuine Coach. 


I don’t. 吴贵菊 was sweet, asking me what was wrong … hmmm … should I educated him/her on the finer points?  Nah, leave it to someone else. I’m done. ..

Then one thought struck me hard: the fakers/imitators are moving away from the expensive bags to the low cost ones. Oh gosh, will you, please stay with the high end bags, leaving me, the poor mass, with affordable but genuine bags to use??? Please, I beg you …

危机感 / 小白历险记 (几年没有买手袋了) 

最近一段时间 俺一直在清理消减:  手袋👜 首当其冲. 虽然是汉子一条, 但是也抗拒不了手袋的诱惑. 二个意外

#1: 不要的手袋别丢 放到网上去卖. 二个小的芬迪是1989年买的 (记得清楚是因在意大利买时店员问是不是从纽约来的 然后说 你们下任市长是黑人.) 最小 各卖$125, 有尺子的 太久有些烂 只卖了$60. 

不记得是清理先还是买先 反正一个深夜, 我在脸书上看到了一个商业/网站, 它出售了我想要的完美包. 所以买了. 危险信号1:卖家仅用 Paypal.

我确实喜欢亲身体验一些真实的经历,而不是别人告诉我的. 忍不住好奇心于是付款, 然后收到的确认邮件是: 毕节市亿佳荣食品有限公司吴贵菊: 证明了我的猜想 然后就希望“袋子”是真的 也许是厂家多做了一些自己卖 赞些外快 (二年前听一作家朋友说在国内出版一定要假装不知道 出版社私下多印书 睁一只眼闭一只眼 ‘不然谁会帮你出书呀.”  十几年前刘墉的太太说 签书时一半以上是没付他们版税的 …) 

在等待的过程中,在梅西百货找到了一模一样的包,价格高很多 (妈呀 这牌子也真敢要价). 所以你知道我在等待时的愿望:拜托,拜托,是一个体面的产品,即使它是一个假/模仿… 另外在脸书上看到好几个类似的网站

20天后,从中国运来的包终于到了:它们有什么相似之处吗? 我不知道. 吴贵菊很可爱,问我有什么不对. 嗯… 好多喔.  算了, 我没时间.

然后危机感: 山寨者已经从昂贵的包包转向低成本的了. 哦,天哪,山寨们 请你们手下留情, 在高端包包里混,不要让我这个可怜的底层贫民没有负担得起的包包用好吗?? 求您了…  

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