President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the Prime Minister of the UK


I started listening on radio 1130 AM as I was driving and sat in the car after I got home. An interesting press conference that lasted 1:43:20. Trump and May took many questions, on a wide range of topics. Trump complimented a male reporter’s hat and corrected a female reporter’s question (I think she’s from NBC?), for which he has just corrected a few minutes prior. She asked that “you’ve criticized PM May’s …”

I wonder, a reporter asks/writes such careless or intentional misleading question/article, does the network/newspaper deserves to be heard/read?

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MSFT’s Word is terrible …

Microsoft Word has been a hell for me lately. One of the complains are, there isn’t a way to hide Endnotes… They don’t have this feature. Might be in the future. Keep my fingers crossed.

And the biggest headache is, the auto correct and correct as I’m typing aren’t working. Numerous troubleshooting techs had helped. when that failed, they referred me to the 2nd level. When the second level failed, they referred my case to the 3rd level or research team. First, the research team didn’t call as scheduled. Then as with the troubleshooters, they told me, the auto-correction feature only works when I ADD the misspelled words to the list. Hello??? REALLY??? Really? I have never ever added a single word to the list, how did it work before?

And the autosave is only available when you’re using their cloud OneDrive. I was using the OneDrive but got this warning. For safety, I switched to the hard drive, without autosave.

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Jurassic Park 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is fine, except, the woman doesn’t belong there … but on the other hand, I looked her up: she’s (Apollo 13 – Ron Howard’s daughter) 37 years old. For this, I applaud her.


🦕 恐龙公园挺好 除了女主角. 好奇查了一下 她37岁 是Ron Howard 的女儿 (Apollo 13). 突然想起J Lo 穿着紧身衣迎接2010新年. 那晚爬里有个肥婆频频批评 J Lo … 忍不住问 30多岁的女生保持的这么好 不该替她高兴?后来就没有后来了 [呲牙]

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Wind River

This is a wonderful movie made in 2017.

WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of solving her mysterious death.

I was pretty sure that Cory (Jeremy Renner) would find out how his daughter died … The dare circumstances of the native Indians are touching, which brings up the question I often ask:

Does a nation (race or relgion in that matter) have the right to impose her will onto another country, like how to govern, live?

If the Amazon people want to remain in the huts, hunt games and drink the water from the creek, do we have the right to force them into our frame of mind and standard of living – air conditioning, running water, high heels, Internet …

On the other hand, Indians live in the beautiful reservoirs but with high mortality … Indian reservation. No easy answer here.

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Blue ufo



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Valkyrie, 2008

Ten years old movie but I enjoyed it. Good acting. It’s at a good time because the G7 meeting being held in Quebec and one particular photo of Angela Merkel has been catching attentions. Some Chinese comments are saying they she’ll be the next leader …

Fat chance.

Anyway. This movie. Tom Cruise says that he wants to show the world that not all Germans are like Hitler and he dispises hitler.

There were more than a dozen attempts to assassin hitler but all had failed, unfortunately. Otherwise so many lives could have been spared and Germany would not have been so throughly disgrace.

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The 700 million question

Recently an expose of cheating on income tax is a hot topic in China. An ex CCTV host felt insulted for an old movie (Mobile?) and the upcoming sequel Mobile 2.  So he strikes back by showing the actress’ two contacts, one for income purpose and the second one, which is far larger in amount, is under the table…

How large is the amount? ¥10 million on the table and ¥60 million under the table.

And the host said he has a drawer full of such contracts. One of them amounts to ¥710 million for a husband and wife team.

What I want to know, which no one has talked about so far, is the $100 million question – how the payor justifies his, paying someone that kind of money under the table? … Oh sorry my $100 million is eaten by my dog. You think the IRS or any tax authority would believe that?

Just happened, I saw Adrife tonight. Huayi Bro., which is the involved in this tax scandal is one of the production companies. Actually, I’ve seen Huayi as the production company rather often lately.

这几天7亿的问题红红火火 … 但是没有一个人说起付这些明星钱的人 她/他自己怎么和税务局交代呀?… 难道 “我的7亿人民币被狗吃了…”
俺数学不好,希望谷歌没有忽悠俺 [捂脸]

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Anson Burlingame and the Chinese

PBS has a docu tonight at 8 (I think; by CAAM) about this Act. As I’ve been doing some research (unrelating to this Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882) and noticed that this Act is an amendment of Burlingame Treaty signed in 1868 which was favorable to the Chinese … Burlingame died in St. Petersburg in 1870 representing Qing China…

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Mom and I

My first swimming in Kunming Lake @ Summer Palace in Beijing with my mom. The lake is no longer allowed to swim.

On a cloudy day, going down the memory lane, only because today is mom’s 50th-anniversary 忌辰/忌日..

横渡昆明湖 [呲牙] 第一次游泳 … 不能输在起跑线上哈 [偷笑]..


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Half a century ago today …

50 years of pain and longing. It’s a ruthless era. Mom passed away and my world changed forever. What kind of the society that turned family members against one another.

半个世纪前的今天妈妈离开了我. 痛苦和思念. 人性, 在那丧心病狂的年月里…


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My orchids this morning: 50 years of pain and longing …

The elegant calligraphy was by my grandma. Both my mom and her mom had very handsome calligraphy.

几盆兰花寄思念. 书法是我外婆的 – 她们母女的书法都非常漂亮.




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The best hookers in the world

SPIEF2018 me too in St Petersburg .. the signs of backwardness. Very few women and Christine Lagarde realized that she’s the only woman. But there are plenty women who dressed identically, from hairdo to earrings. Wondering how many of them are spies and hooker? Putin told Trump that “we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.” What are you waiting for? Head over there …

落后的迹象… 国内大城市的餐馆开始禁烟了 但是有些地方还是差 – 饭后点上一根烟. 不仅烟雾缭绕讨厌 简直就是一股发嗅落后的味道.
SPIEF2018 in St Petersburg 小普 me too 在圣彼得堡召开经济会议 没有邀请很多女汉子 但是女服务员特别多 连发型耳环都一致… 会有多少间谍和小姐呀?[Grin] 今年四月一份FBI 文件说 小普告诉床铺 他家🇷🇺的妓女是世界上最好的! 链

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Budding orchid

From buds to flowers – this orchid is from Costco June 2015 which also bloomed in spring 2016.


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Qin Shihuang and his books and scholars 秦始皇焚书坑儒

Turning on tv tonight, Smithsonian channel is showing China’s Dragon Emperor, which claims books/scholars burning never happened 秦始皇焚书坑儒没有发生 and he wasn’t a terrible emperor as we had taught/believed. The tv show gives credit to him as  who had unified China and language. Many Chinese characters are still in use by us now, with 1.4 billion people, 56 ethnic groups who speak 120 languages dialects. Funny the tv show says, “120 languages” which I’ll have to disagree. It’s dialects!! I checked on wiki and it doesn’t dispute whether Qin had burned the books and scholars.

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Mother’s Day – common daisy

The cut flowers are definitely last longer now.  They used to come with a pack of power that you put into the vase, mixing in the water to fertilize. But now the pack has all but disappeared and the flowers seem to stay pretty longer. The following common daisy and carnations are purchased on 5.13

Week 1: May 14

Week 2: May 20, 520 (white + yellow and more yellow)

week 3: May 28


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Carnation 康乃馨

For a while I liked this kind of flower very much. Buying nothing but carnation.
But then for reason unclear, I moved on, finding elegance and beauty in orchid, Tulips, and calla lily.

Sometimes, I’d recall an encounter that involved carnation.

One day I parked on the side of Roosevelt Avenue between Prince and College Point in Flushing. An India man approached me, posing as a fortune teller. He ranted off a string of facts, turned out to be true. To cap it off, he said that my favored flower is carnation. Then he proceeded to show me a photo of Indian kids in desperation, asking for a donation. I gave him $50.

From a car license plate, you probably can get many facts. But the flower part? I didn’t tell him that I no longer liked it.

The deeper color looks nice, isn’t?

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The red wine of the moment

Daily Mail gossips on the $22 wine Mnuchin brought Jared Kushner: a taste for budget booze! Steve Mnuchin dresses down to visit Jared Kushner and takes along a $22 bottle of wine – despite being worth $300 million. Well, actually, the general consent rates the 2013 vintage a little higher.

On the 2015 Arbalest Bordeaux Blend, another report goes,

The wine getting all the attention is the Arbalest 2015 Bordeaux Blend, a merlot-heavy blend made by winemaker Benoit Touquette. Touquette has consulted for many Napa wineries, including Screaming Eagle and Ovid, and actually makes wine in the Napa Valley for Realm Cellars, Hartwell and Kata. But this one is a product of France, which is why the price is reasonable.
And if you’re curious: An arbalest is a late version of the crossbow used in Europe during the 12th century.

Chinese is lighted up by the story too: 美國財政部長米努勤身價5億美元300 mil only,日前到川普女婿庫許納家作客,只帶一瓶22美元的紅酒作伴手禮。過程被媒體拍攝,兩人在玄關互擁寒喧,紅酒品牌也被放大檢視,引起海內外華人熱議。到底這是「寒酸」、惺惺作態,或美國人真的平實,「官箴」比中國官場嚴格,不妨來看看。
這件小事其實反映了大事。原來中美文化差距這麼大,官場、民間價值觀和做法南轅北轍。有人嘲笑美國文化「帶著土氣」,不夠氣派豪華。米努勤是華爾街大亨出身,有5億財產的人去川普女兒、女婿家作客,這麼好的「拉關係」機會,竟用2015年的 Arbalest Red Bordeaux Blend紅酒打發,太寒酸了。

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Orchid in a silve tank

This orchid from 2015 is blooming, the third time ..

2018.4.29 2018.5.02 2018.5.04 2018.5.08  

On May 26th, 2018


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