Some news of the day

Lawsuit against Harvard. Wondering, what’s the percentage the petitioners want to see the Asian students in Harvard? Say 40%, 50% or 60%? If so, will Harvard still be Harvard and do they/their kids then still want to attend?

Judge throws out Stormy Daniels’s lawsut against Trupm and ordered her to pay his legal fees. From a news show I learned that she’s dancing at a stripe club near DC … guess she’ll be dancing there for a while to pay the legal fee … meanwhile her lawyer is making rounds in the tailored suit … and might even run for the White House.

“We don’t want them to treat us like we are not human” Kenyans who work for Chinese complained.

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen (1953-2018) died of cancer (from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) on Monday afternoon, who’s owner of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers. RIP Mr. Allen.

Saudis preparing to admit Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation, sources say. Earlier the NYT reported that Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan boss pulls out of Saudi conference – a few others as well due to the killing. (BBC)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test and President Trump’s $1 million offer.



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How much do you know about Indians?

The native Americans. Recently I watched two movies about Indians living on reservoirs: Wind River and Hold the Dark. I liked the first one better, with a more coherent story. The second one’s darker and too many unknowns. Suspense is good but if I’ll have to guess often during the two hours, I’d say the story needs a little work or rewrite.

Both are bloody. Both are we vs them.

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The trade war amid the mid term

“Chinese-backed newspaper insert tries to undermine Iowa farm support for Trump, trade war.”  President Trump tweeted about it, and Scott Paul who’s the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, penned an article on Des Moines Register, Americans know blatant propaganda when they see it on Sept 28.

The American ambassador to  China, Terry Branstad gave the following, Creating Fair and Balanced U.S.-China Trade Relations, stating, fair competition is the key between USA and China.  To be clear,  he stated, the Administration is not seeking to constrain China’s economic growth through our actions. (Chinese version is here 创造公平并平衡的美中贸易关系)

With Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court in the air, the mid term is fought with all they have, on both side.


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Hold that door, please

Reading this post on holding the door for the people behind you, in 2018, makes me feeling sad. It’s such a common courtsey elsewhere but in China.



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First They Killed My Father, the movie

First They Killed My Father (2017) is based on the same name book by Loung Ung. The screenplay was by the author and Angelina Jolie, who directed and produced.

It’s such a good subject on a little talked about country but the movie has a weak story, as if none. As I was watching, I felt like seeing postcards, or picturial book. The cinematography is very good as if you’re there. I understood more than other friends who watched together because I was the only one knew about cultural revolution in China. The subject matter, Pol Pot regime during the Khmer Rouge years (1975-9) had rich materials but the movie failed to show.

Jolie adopted her first child, seven-month-old Maddox Chivan, from an orphanage in Battambang, Cambodia in 2002.

I remembered seeing Norodom Sihanouk (1922-2012) Cambodian royal politician and the King of Cambodia, in beijing in the 1970s often.

安吉丽娜·朱莉和同名书的作者合写的剧本, 她自己导演出品. (她第一个孩子是领养柬埔寨的孤儿.) 电影没有什么连串的故事 反而像看明信片 – 摄影挺好 有些身临其境的感受. 波尔布特; 红色高棉 有着丰富的色彩和资料 拍成这样太可惜了. 我们几个人看 就我明白一些 – 他们根本不知道文革是嘛玩意儿.
西哈努克亲王 七十年代常去北京 … 怎么回事?

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How The Economic Machine Works

This 31 min long video by Ray Dalio, also picked up by Chinese and made it into Chinese.

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Chinese tourists in Sweden

A family of three from China, adult son and his parents made a headline recently. They landed in Stockholm at 1 am and wanted to check in to the hostel that they booked for that day, which is 3 pm check in time. Reportedly it’s the Generator Hostels and it’s fully booked. The son and parents wanted to sleep in the lobby of the hostel. When they were told to leave, they began to make noise … and police was called …. From the video, the son fall to the ground himself. … just an ugly incident that could have been totally avoided by booking for the night of arrival. Certainly no hotel is going to let you check in without paying.

Here are some reportage by a Swedish siteGlobal Times, Sputnik news环球时报: 有些人不谴责瑞典警方的粗暴 却先自我反思; 撒泼都是到华山派,从来没有上黑木崖打滚的; 瑞典事件, 你看到的是反转, 我看到的是幕后操纵 and  SCMP.

(On the  SCMP post, there are two links regarding Chinese tourists: Chinese tourists apologise after being publicly-shamed; ‘Please just go’: thumbs down after Chinese tourists asked to leave Osaka restaurant.)

Interestingly, another case made the round in China right now, a lawyer’s rant on two young men who refused to swap seats on a rail in China with him: 知名律师火车换铺被拒:”对不起,善良不是我的义务”.

Looking over the comments on the Chinese social media, the shaming of the family of three in Sweden and the lawyer are overwhelming, which is a progress and good sign.

Watching the video of the mother sitting on the ground, outside of the hotel, howling, reminds me a conversation I had in Beijing in the 1970s. I was a teenager and getting ¥12 a month from my dad, which wasn’t enough… one of my relatives told me, “go to your mom’s danwei, ask them for money …” 看看我的破衣服 可怜可怜我 Yes I was in poverty but ‘pity me’ and begging, was and is something I couldn’t do.


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Farm to table

Without enough sun, the chives are so thin and few.


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BerryLook online clothing

Don’t buy from them: terrible service and garbage products. I saw their ad in FaceBook on May 6, and liked this dress. Then, I purchased 3 more. They offered 5% for first timer but there’s not a code available. So I contacted them immediately after placing my order. They got back to me a day or two later: glad to give me the code for next purchase.
Who said I’ll buy from them again?
I wrote to them, “if you’re not willing to honor, pls cancel my order.”
A week or two later, they wrote again: one of the pieces is ready and they’ll ship that and cancel the remaining 3.
“No, cancel the entire order.” I replied firmly and immediately.
A couple of weeks later I got two packages from them. I disputed through my credit card. It dragged on … till I saw the two packages again. These are what they advertised on their web site and the second row is what I received.


  1. dress: no complaine although the fabric doesn’t feel like cotton linen – very hot!
  2. Band Collar top: thin and soft but very itchy/stinging (size is bit small)
  3. Losse dress: wrong color and the material seems wrong – knit
  4. White top: it states cotton but filmy, like a hospital gown.

Overall, $75 for them but I think you can get some better products by shopping in the USA. They could offer such low price, cheap shipping is one part of the equation.


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Court v Robbery

The more I think about the Chinese art heists reported in GQ the more I think about Gustav Klimt’s painting Women in Gold (a movie of the same name … in 2015). I feel uneasy and wonder why did Chinese (I assume they’re Chinese …) choose to go through this route to gain back what was plundered from China in the 19th century?
Essentially, it’s lawfulness v. unlawfulness.

Do they not have the confidence in the legal system? Sounds a little uncouth.

Why can’t the Chinese take the high road, though the court of law, to get back what was rightfully theirs? With their economic might, the chance of success is great.

我对GQ中报道的中国艺术品抢劫,想到 Gustav Klimt 的绘画“黄金女人”(2015年的同名电影。这幅画的收复是通过法律解决的)。 想知道为什么中国人(我认为他们是中国人……)选择打砸抢劫这条路线去收回19世纪从中国掠夺走的东西?

从本质上讲,这是合法与非法。他们对法律制度没有信心吗?弃阳关大道 专行阴暗的独木桥?

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GQ, popular vs interesting

The August issue of GQ has a few good articles but I didn’t read till this past weekend.

The cover of the issue is the least interesting but can’t argue with the popular culture … if there is a such thing. Does skin deep refer to popular culture?

Lee’s movie BlackkKlansman is also written up by Vanity Fair Sepember issue. I enjoyed the movie.

GQ Aug issue has some interesting stories 1⃣️2⃣️3⃣️ 是这期里的好文章 4⃣️封面 无语😓 有误导嫌疑 [ThumbsDown].
1⃣️是讲自从2010 年以来,欧洲博物馆里的中国19世纪掠夺去的展品频频被盗. 这些专业小偷 干净俐落 不碰更有价值的展品 … 你觉得是中国ZF在指使 还是民间自发的行动?
2009年 一个中国代表团来纽约大都会 … 博物馆的人紧张到找了个中国律师声明“大都会没有掠夺来的展品.” [Grin][Grin]

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Honey, from PA

I love to recycle, and eat/drink a lot of honey. My son brought home this tiny bottle of honey: Pure Honey *Orange bloossom* from Drapers Super Bee Apiaries Inc. (Millerton PA 16936, DraperBee). It tastes very sweet. Looking at the cap, I think the little holes maybe mean for you to reuse it as salt or pepper shaker. IF so, this is a good company to buy from.

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A benefit of a credit card

This is the first time that I dropped my phone, starting from the flipped Nokia. Crying over it, I remembered remotely that one of my credit card offers some sort of protection benefit. So, I hesitated called Uber visa, and sure they do. The nice Uber guy gave me a phone to call to stage my claim. All has gone well … but when I began to file online, I ran into this problem: the month of August is NOT available on their site. And today is August 23.

Oh well.

喜欢没有套的爱疯 – 精致, 薄薄的. 极少几次不戴套 结果就掉地上了 然后就没有然后了.
第一次摔烂手机. 以为修个荧光幕 结果要买个新的.
心灵鸡汤: 虽然丑笨 但是戴套很重要

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Pure color orchid

As I was walking out of Whole Foods Supermarket @ 2101 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030, I spotted this whitish orchid – pure colore @ $10. The supermarket is now part of Amazon empire and I got $1 off as prime member. This pot lasts for about two months.


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Opium war reversed

The first opium war was waged in 1839 and

Mo yan

德国人顾彬:余华莫言是落后作家 他们根本不懂人是什么
德国人顾彬:余华莫言是落后作家 他们根本不懂人是什么

沃尔夫冈·顾彬(Wolfgang Kubin),中文名顾彬,1945年生于德国下萨克森州策勒市。著名汉学家,翻译家,作家。波恩大学汉学系教授,德国翻译家协会及德国作家协会成员。他是德国最著名的汉学家之一,以中国古典文学、中国现当代文学和中国思想史为主要研究领域。主要作品和译著有《中国诗歌史》《二十世纪中国文学史》《鲁迅选集》六卷本等。
而这一次 ,以“中国当代文学垃圾论”闻名的他没有把谁比作垃圾,可是余华、格非、苏童、莫言,这些当代中国文学的中坚力量,在他眼里比垃圾也好不了多少,“他们根本不知道人是什么。”他几乎判了他们的“死刑”。

德国人顾彬:余华莫言是落后作家 他们根本不懂人是什么
德国人顾彬:余华莫言是落后作家 他们根本不懂人是什么

德国人顾彬:余华莫言是落后作家 他们根本不懂人是什么


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The Eagles and the Wynners

This is a long story but I’ll make it short. Both are bands, one in USA and one in Hong Kong. Glenn Frey was the lead vocal for the Eagles who had passed away in 2016. Alan Tam and Kenny Bee are the most well known band members of Wynners (溫拿). According to wiki, Alan launched a total of 115 solo albums and has sold over 35 million records worldwide – here they’re singing Eagles’ New Kid in Town in 1977. I think Tam’s worldwide might be a little overstated but given the fact that Chinese are everywhere, so I’ll leave at it.

There’s war between the fans of Leslie Cheung and Tam. I much prefered Cheung than Tam, bec Cheung showed his true color – this BBC report in 2018, showed Cheung, although died – he committed sucided in 2003 is till the star; while Tam is superficial – won’t even admit that he’s married in fear of offend his female fans. How foolish. And his wife played along. Foolish.


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Workplace Compliance Services

1843 Central Avenue, #142
Albany, NY 12205

Is this company a fraud, charging $90 to renew a biennial statement, which on the state government site costs only $9 (link here).

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