High Water .. It flowed into our blood .. Streaming down inside our veins .. takes me home .. – Rush ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water – Loren Eisley  ~ ~   ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~   

Philately, history and Lionel trains may sound more in line as a hobby, but I define the things that I enjoy doing as hobby too: swimming or water sports in this regard is my drug that gets me high, can instantly get ride of my fever/pain/headache.  50-meter pool is my faved venue but have to make do with the junior size.  My best timing from a local meet in 1999 were: 50 meter at 39.04 (the 2000 Olympics record was 24.32); 1,000 m at 17:47.47 (24 mins with a wall clock 12/30/2010)
and 500 m at 8:42.57, all in freestyle.  The half ironman that summer wasn’t too impressive: I found freestyle in the open water to be very difficult. Looking into the muddy water is scary, 🙂

Arriving New York armed with three badminton racquets but soon found out that tennis’ game in town. I almost pulled my arm when I first picked up a Prince: so heavy. I told myself that there’s no way I should, would and could stick to the sport. Should visit this thought often.

Woody Allen described a perfect metaphor in Match Point that there are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck, it goes forward and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t, and you lose.

02-24-2006 Whistler, the site of 2010 Winter Olympic. We watched the closing ceremony at Torino in a cafe. Ski has to be the most difficult sport I introduced my children to. Because if we didn’t stay at a ski-in/out resort, then I had to carry three sets of equipments. For a while King insisted that this was his favored sport. I didn’t fall much but I didn’t learn it well either. Hmmmmm…. no pain no gain.

It seems every Chinese can ride a bike (used to) but I learned in New York. Often wondered why there isn’t a Chinese Legstrong to win a Tour de France? Isn’t he handsome!? My most thrilling ride by far was the 30-mile Multiple Sclerosis ride around the isle of Manhattan.

10-28-1991 Schloss Mirabell at Salzburg. I enjoy opera as much as classic music which I picked it up in Beijing as a kid. One of the most memorable concerts I attended was at Salzburger Schlosskonzerte during Mozart’s bicentennial celebration. We rode bike there after dinner in Salzburg (Austria).

Obviously I love to travel too.
The 50 meter pool