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My genealogical history, in my possession, a CD (digitized by Shanghai Library) that traces back to 1341, and a handwritten book dates back to Tang Dynasty 唐 (高宗 Gāo zōng 650-683), it’s complied by Zhou Zhifu; (photocopies; the original is at the Library of Congress). Partial records of one branch are on 家谱.
Genealogical pursue can be a topless (or bottomless) endeavor. However, the family tree I assembled primarily starts from 1800s, the earliest time I’m willing to go because my project is focusing on Late Qing and onward.
family portrait 全家福 circa 1962I’ll start with my maternal family, the Lü 吕 (Lv or Lyu) because they’re the closest to me since my birth.

The Lvs’ family portrait 吕氏全家福. Beijing, circa 1962. A few more old pictures here, and family 全家福 pix here


From left to right – Back row:

Front row:

  • Nainai 奶奶 (note): Yeye’s last concubine
  • The little thing .. Nainai lovingly dabbed it as Little Smelly, Little Dog Fart .. .. the list’s long.
  • Yeye 爷爷: my maternal grandfather and
  • Popo 婆婆: my maternal grandmother

cimg2519.JPGJiujiu said that Yeye mentioned few times that they’re from Lü Hou 吕后 (wife of Liu Ban 刘邦).  As with any family, there are many branches after few hundreds of years. The traceable generations were from Shanxi province 山西 then they moved to Anhui province in 1700s.

Namesake: xiao you zhen ming jia 孝友振明嘉 – this represents five generations starting from Yeye (孝华; Mom was Youlan 友蘭). My cousin Xiao Peng who’s born in 1969 did not take a middle name (or generation identifier. He should have been a 振 Zhen .. ) due to the Cultural Revolution – it was considered feng, zi and xiu 封 (feudalism),资 (the capitalism or the bourgeoisie) and 修 (revisionism). Xiao Peng’s son takes 明 Ming. Hopefully his child(ren) will use ‘嘉 Jia’ ..


My paternal family, the Zhangs 张 (Chang, Cheung):


The Zhangs 张, my paternal family, circa 1933, at 24 Xumo Jie in Tianjin. I have never met my paternal grandparents. From L to R back row:

Front row:

  • Changluan 常鸾 – 二姑 (1924 – )
  • Changji (Patrick) 常胤 – 二伯 (1928 Tianjin -)
  • Dad (1931 Beijing -)
  • Changfa 常发 (其祥) 又名 岱鲁 – 大伯 (1927 Jinan -)
  • Changying 常英 – 大姑 (1920 Beijing -)


家谱排字 The first two sets of couplets represented my paternal family’s 18 generations that ended around beginning of 19th Century:



This second set of couplet has 14 generation identifiers, followed the 鳌 Ao:



I’m the 在 Zai generation. Mom didn’t use it and Dad didn’t insist. So the Irene Eng is Zhang Ning 张凝.




4 Responses to Genealogy

  1. TaZai says:

    Ning Zai, carry on in finding out your family´s story – never neglecting the human beings and their personalities – yours – TaZai –

  2. liuyao says:

    i came across your site while searching for photos of Chow Wei-liang. i thought of using it on a genealogical site (, but it’d be probably better if you do it yourself, so you have full control. i had the Zhou family down to the 学 generation, and you could take over from there. i’ll be glad to help out if u need it.

  3. Hi Liu
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do need help -:). I just created but haven’t done anything yet. One is lack of time and two is lack of computer skills.

  4. liuyao says:

    i see that you just started using PhpGedView, which i have never used. it looks pretty complicated. may i suggest instead? i think it’s much more intuitive, no computer skills required. so long as you have the gedcom file, it’s a simple upload. however, i’d warn you not to enter your relative’s email address until you are more familiar with the site. your ancestors fiver generations and beyond will be sort of public by default, if you are okay with that. you might like the feature of tagging photos.

    i am not related to the Zhous. i just am interested in connecting all the big families. i also just got 劉秉璋 on there, which you can take over as well.

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