Yi-liang Chou 周一良

Yiliang Zhou 周一良 (1913 Qingdao – 2001 Beijing)

– Ph.D. 1944, Harvard University
– Professor of History, Beijing University

He obtained his PhD in history from Harvard in 1944, thesis titled 唐代印度来华密宗三僧考 A very privileged and talented scholar, fluent in several languages … but he got tangled up in the Cultural Revolution, became a pawn for Gang of Four.  In the academic world here they say you publish or perish; during Cultural Revolution, you comply or die.  批林批孔 批周公. When the Gang of Four had power struggle with Zhou Enlai, they dismissed the prominent 翦伯赞Jian Bozan, and they needed someone of similar status to replace him.  That someonewas Yiliang.  He was forced to say/do many things he didn’t believe in, slandering … he mentioned this in several books: when the campaign against Hu Shi just began, he thought there’s chance that they’ll see each other down the road, he ought to be fair and decent.  But when the momentum excelterated, he had no way out but to weight in too.  He even ‘absurdly censured John Fairbank as an American spy.”  Pitiful waste of talent.


天地一书生 周一良

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