Degas’ ballerina

Degas ballerina

LONDON Feb. 3, 2009 – A sculpture by French Impressionist Edgar Degas sold for 13.3 million pounds ($19 million) Tuesday at Sotheby’s auction house in London.

Degas’ “Petite danseuse de quatorze ans” or “Little 14-year-old dancer,” a bronze depicting a young ballerina with her chin tilted up and hands clasped behind her back, was bought by a private bidder from Asia.

Sotheby’s said the sale price is the highest ever paid for a Degas statue — the previous record was $12.3 million at Sotheby’s in New York in 1999.

What’s happened to the one at the Met? I visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York on my first week here. I enjoyed Georgia O’Keeffe, Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas, etc. And discovered his little ballerina in a little room. Her arresting posture made such profound impression on me; I debated at the gift shop whether to buy this rather expensive pair of repo earrings – reproduction for replica. I like to refer them as repo, pun intended.

2009-07-17 White Swan the repo

Those Coneflowers, especially the White Swan in Golfer’s Eden remind me of Degas’ little girl.
No, don’t see it?
The pointy chin?
The hands clasped behind her back?
Oh … sorry
Guess I’m just having the senior moment.
Guess I need to wear my 老花镜.

I have a dinner tonight, thought of wearing the little ballerinas. Then realize I lost one.
Don’t think even 老花镜 or 少花镜 would help me finding the other one. Isn’t this an incentive to visit the Met soon?

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