The green thumb

Green thumb is someone who makes flowers bloom. I dab myself green pinky or brown thumb, for every thing passing thought my hand would die. Don’t bother to call the police yet, few minutes ago, I checked, my kids are still breathing, just barely. So, it’s a huge surprise that I actually bought those plants. My kids were like,
“Wow, mom … are you sure?  … ”
Well, Loves, I’m not sure myself.
Once I heard them talking – wondering out loud why would the store still sells me plants and flowers since, well you know the result.

Orchid, tulip and calla lily are my favorites.

Once I had a maid who loved planting flowers. So one day she and one of my very-green-thumb gf went to a nursery bought a bunch of flowers. They then asked me where should they plant them. I casually pointed to a spot without thinking. They enthusiastically went to work. When Golfer got home that evening, he looked at the fresh dirt, asked me what’s happening there?
Flowers … in the near future I told him
“??? What happened to my plants there?” He asked.
LOL .. oppppsssss, I forgot the perennials that’s been greeting us every summer for many years.
When the gardener came that week, he asked my in joy, oh, Mrs. Eng, you’re planting flowers … ??
No, yes .. I tried and trying… OK, let’s see how long they’ll survive under my watch.

I continue with my new found hobby, and buy from the supermarkets when I go shop for grocery.

More indoor flowers:

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Cut flowers


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The tulips, one of my favored flowers
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The butterfly lovers
Few flowers on my new deck, Aug 2008
Bambo 7/30/2007
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Rhododendron, May 29, 2005, pink flowers in front of the house by the bay window.

Fun Stuff
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