There’s Something About Mary

CIMG6055I re-use my tea bags.
Once at breakfast, a friend commented upon seeing me looking fanatically for a place to rest the dripping beauty.
“You’re just like my father … immigrant mentality.”
No matter the parents were immigrated from Austria.
Not frugal here although I’m cheap but I much prefer the second or third fusion when it comes to tea, especially bagged teas.
My ex roommate used to tease me that I was drinking 尼姑尿, Buddhist nun’s urine.
Sorry I’m straying here.
Pls don’t get too excited, this is not about pee, perv or BDSM.

This post is about author Mary Buckham who gave a workshop to Long Island Romance Writers, on how to become a hooker: is there enough hooks in your story. Lisa is a member of the LIRW for few years who writes YA, young adult.
Meeting a published author up close, who shares her insights in the publishing world and her struggles nakedly, is really great.
she asked us to bring first-five-page of the book with only our initials (for cold reading) to the workshop. Instead of reading them in front of the group, which’s often the case, she collected them and then randomly distribute to us – seeking that cold read – following her guidelines. She brought the New York literary agent Donald Maass’ 9 opening hooks, asked us to see how many hooks the writer has used.
I found this extreamly useful. Reading in front of the group, one often gets more complitments than more badly needed critisms.  Facing a stack of paper, grading a faceless person the truth comes out freely and frequently.  Nakedly too.
A great exercise.
Due to time constrain (as if others don’t), I haven’t read a fiction in a long time, more than a decade. I don’t pretend that I’m a good reader who reads a lot. My stance is there are enough splendid stories – ALL TRUE, real human stories – that put the fictions to shame, why bother? hmmmm … 可圈可点

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