2 adults and 2 kids

I was buying movie tickets last Saturday night.
“Two adults?” the cashier asked.
“Yes and two kids.” I said without thinking.
My brain was busy counting how many men movie are out there:

  1. Iron Man
  2. X Men
  3. Iceman
  4. Batman
  5. Spider Man
  6. Superman
  7. ..

Then I thought, two kids? How long had that been?
My two kids were walking toward me ..
“Oh, they’re in college ..” I apologetically told the cashier.
The young woman was gracious.
“Oh, that’s four adults.”
I laughed at myself.
She smiled too.
My kids asked me what was so funny?
.. “Mom, we’re not 12 any more.” My daughter said.
Yes, that’s true. But they’re forever my kids tho. And it seems so natural for me to say .. two kids ..
My son teased his sister: “You can still pass as 12 ..”

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