Reporters for rent

Washington Post had sent out a brochure offering sponsorships — a fee of $25,000 for one, or $250,000 for an entire series — for an exclusive “Washington Post salon” at Ms. Weymouth’s home in which officials from Congress and the administration, lobbyists and, yes, the paper’s own reporters could have a quiet, off-the-record dinner, discussions to be led by Marcus Brauchli, the newspaper’s editor. Theoretically, you can’t buy Washington Post reporters, but you can rent them.

Guanxi, connections .. ..

What’s going on? Are they kidding? This isn’t a Newsday or tabloid, it’s Washington Post for Pete’s sake. … Hmmmm … [well, if they’re Newsday or tabloid, they won’t be able to trade on their names.] What a shame.

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