Melanie Oudin the Georgia Peach

I never wasted a minute to say that I don’t like Jelena Jankovic, here is one more why …

After losing, Jankovic was ungraciously moved to suggest that Oudin isn’t one of them. As I said, the women do not quite reach the model comportment level of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Jankovic’s excuse was that she was wobbly from the heat — she required two medical timeouts — and the cyclical nature of “some woman problems.”

There are world number one players who have won slams – plenty of it – and, there are two recently minted #1 players who have yet to produce one … Geeeeeee … don’t they remind me of Jim Kelly (the QB of the Buffalo Bills): bridemaids. Gone to slam or Superbowl few times but never won one.

Btw, Irene doesn’t have ‘some woman problems’ … It’s beyong me that she complains about it, competing at that level and blames girlie stuff? ISn’t Oudin a woman? To cite woman problem may suitable when you are facing a man, logically? What are the woman prbolems? Man has bad hair days too. Sour loser is more like it. Anyway … Glad to see Melanie Oudina, a 17 years old American is rising. You go girl … Take the world.

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