The running mates

The campaign for occupying the White House has started earlier and wider, now that the better halfs are more visible than ever.  I wondered will Laura Bush be the very last traditional First Lady?  Cherie (what a name!) worked while Tony was in Downing Street.  That’s so cool.

If weren’t for Time’s article, I won’t know that Obamas strive to be an average American, the neighbor next door that have to deal with petty problems like you and me.  Michelle Obama exhorts, “we’ve heard .. he’s not experienced enough.  He should wait his turn.  .. He’s not black enough .. he’s not white enough.”

Top off, being a leader means you’re cut above.  You have special abilities and visions that the average Joe or Jane don’t possess.  Otherwise why would I elect you in the first place?  Why don’t we all run for president? – no sweat please, I wasn’t born in the US, so you won’t see me running.  Newsweek had compared Obama to JFK even before he formally announced.  In a sense yes, they’re similar, young, charming and intelligent.  But I took comfort in the fact that JFK grew up in a well connected world.  I think that counts a lot.  Will American’s chronicle guilt over slavery put Obama in the White House?  We shall see.

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