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cimg9041.JPGI don’t think I’m quite a fit to be a housewife, long fancied myself a career woman.  OK, that’s a joke.  But really, shopping at home store was never my cup of tea.  But recently I acquired few new tastes, taking a great interests in home stores, nurseries, and I even bought a set of rosewood Chinese furniture.  God, I surprised myself.  Given the fact how much I disdained of those zitan furniture, embedded with mother-of-pearl that accentuated my childhood.  My first few furniture were snow white Formica, :).  Thank god it lasted for only few years.  Wood has so much more to offer, beauty, simplicity and elegance.

Few years back, one day I spotted a familiar sight, a zitan or rosewood desk inlay with mother-of-pearl at the Met, belonged to Vanderbilt or Rockefeller.  Incredulously, I asked one of my friends who collects things Chinese.  He said, ‘oh that desk .. .. it has a long story, was written in the NYT ..’  I never found the article.  But gradually, I obviously lessen my dislike of the oldies, :).  Reckon that you should never say never.

This basil (top) was a recent acquisition.  Those two below are by Golfer.  He said he’ll take care of the plants, as usual.  Can I do something, to help?  Of course make things turning brown, :).  Ok, he said the things in the kitchen are under my jurisdiction: this basil, one branch of pepper and the 3 amigos.


cimg9033.JPG cimg9034.JPG

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