Why we fight

World War II Films about China – Produced by US Government

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(1)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(2)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(3)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(4)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(5)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(6)

《二次大戰真實紀錄片 – 中國戰場篇》WW-II(7)

Vice president Wallace visiting Jiang Jieshi in Chongqing

Thank you for sending these.

Some of them took me all the way back to those events –

being carried in baskets suspended from bamboo poles

in rickety boats being carried upstream by sheer leg power

masses of people walking/fleeing from one place to another

all the time unaware of the danger as fear was something I was not conscious of at that time. We, or I, did not know the meaning of hunger as we always had food. In a twisted sense, it was the happiest time of my childhood – so many new places to explore, new skills to learn, like getting water from wells, or using feet power to grind husks off grains or rice, and then laboriously using a huge ‘sieve’ to separate the husks from the grains of rice. There was even a sense of adventure going to the woods to ‘poo’. It was always fun experience, leaning new things.

Thankfully, the horrors of bombing never touched us although I still remember being awaken in the middle of a freezingly cold night to be herded to a bomb shelter. Sirens were blaring!

and what is your war experience lof another kind like?


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